Hey, what’s up, hellooo…

 I guess this is the part where I introduce myself, huh? I’m Aniyah – mother, author, and your average (but extraordinary) woman trying to figure this thing called life out.

 I’m an imperfect, former insecure and irresponsible individual (you see what I did with all of those “i” words).  I know what it feels like to look confident on the outside but hate yourself on the inside. I know how bad it hurts to feel abandoned and betrayed. I’ve stared depression in it’s eyes and have been held hostage by anxiety. Girl, I’ve been a wreck.

But the beautiful thing is that I overcame all that crap. I stopped obsessing over perfection. I stopped crying over spilled milk and learned how to clean the mess up. I stopped being childish and decided to grow the hell up. Well, actually I’m still learning the “growing up” part. But that’s the beauty of it.

 So cut the sh*t with me. Cut the negativity, the insecurities, the funky attitudes, the terrible relationships, and all of the foolishness. Take this journey with me and we can grow the hell up…together.

Ready to let go of all that past hurt that you’ve been carrying around? Let me help you drop the baggage!

Has anyone ever told you to “get over it” or “let go & let God” about something and all you’re trying to do is figure out HOW!? Grab my free eBook, 7 Days of Healing, and let me help you take the first steps to getting over what’s been holding you back.


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