A Letter to My Father


  • Curious about other father-daughter relationships?
  • Want to see how other women expressed their gratitude to their fathers?
  • Want to jumpstart your healing process from scars from your childhood?
  • Feel like the only one who has ever been through XYZ with your father?
  • Expecting a girl and your baby’s father is new to this? Or even if he’s true to this.
  • Fathers, want to learn how important your role is?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is for

You hate your dad. You love your dad. Your father wasn’t there. Your father raised you. He was your first example of true love. He was your first real heartbreak. Which one are you?

Me? I’m somewhere in between. But no matter what your relationship was like, you’ll find a similar one in this book. A Letter to My Father not highlights a spectrum of experiences but it gives you real advice on how to

 a) heal & move forward


b) build a stronger bond with your dad.

The father-daughter dynamic is a special one. It is a raw one. It is an important one. And it MATTERS!

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